Fierce Female- Hermione Granger

Hermione-Granger-hermione-granger-20053436-936-1197My sister and I are lifetime members of Hermione Granger’s cult of personality. We have been her for Halloween, used ‘WWHD (What would Hermione Do)?’ in conversation (I know, dear god we are SUCH nerds), etc. But the truth is, when you find a female role model like Hermione, you better hold on tight because it is rare.

Hermione is everything our parents hoped for us to be- smart, independent, courageous and kind. She is not a damsel in distress and, more often than not, it’s a book, not a boy, that rescues her. Unlike Harry, whose courage is derived from genetics, destiny and life experience, or Ron, the wild-card, who finds his courage at the last minute when the situation necessitates it, Hermione works her ass off.

Not only does Hermione maintain the wizard equivalent of a 4.0, but she’s also always in the library looking up stuff to save her friends. The Harry Potter series would have been SO boring if JK had narrated the hours of research Hermione must have been doing. Think about how many times she rushed into the common room having unravelled the mysteries that enabled Harry’s kick-ass’ing (THAT’S A WORD). As well, wizards don’t use internet. Hermione is looking this shit up in dusty old wizard books.

How about the fact that girlfriend is taking so many classes that a teacher gives her the ability to travel through time. Like JESUS that’s academic commitment.

Despite the fact that Hermione is a badass motherfucker, she is still kind to everyone. Neville, Buckbeak, and many other characters have been touched by the compassion of Hermione Granger. *SPOILER ALERT (HIGHLIGHT TO SEE)*: Also- The compassion Hermione shows when she casts the forgetting spell on her parents? I cried like a baby through that whole scene. I mean to give up your entire life at that age for the greater good… Damn girl.

Lessons from my homegirl:

  • It’s ok (IN FACT, AWESOME) to be smart, ladies. Embrace yo brain.
  • Do yourself a favor, be your own savior.
  • Date a boy or girl who reads.
  • Raise your hand in class, you won’t regret it eventually.

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