Jennifer Siebel Newsom (My Ultimate Girl Crush)

From Contact Music

Within 30 minutes of finishing Miss Representation, I had texted my stepmom and sister, cousin, and assorted friends to tell them to drop everything and get in front of a computer. I whored out my Netflix password to anyone with free time because I was so beyond excited.

Here was an honest representation of women’s exploitation in the media produced, directed and starring freaking amazing women.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom opens Miss Representation by explaining how and why she decided to make it. As a mother, Newsom feared for her young daughter growing up in such an objectifying environment, just like how ‘finding feminism’ for me had a lot to do with my sister. (Newsom is the eldest daughter as well, which I am definitely going to write about at some point….)

Newsom was raised in California, where she received her Bachelor’s (with honors) and Master’s from Stanford. Newsom also studied at the American Conservatory Theater (oh my god we have similar interests. Squeeing ensues). After which she travelled around the world, only to return to California, and acting, in 2002.

Miss Representation (2011) was Newsom’s directorial debut, premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. It includes interviews with some of the most badass chicks alive today and is unflinching in its indictment of women’s objectification in the media.

Lessons From My Homegirl:

  • Surround yourself with fierce females. They will make you stronger.
  • Be aware. No one can objectify you without your consent. Pay attention.
  • Watch this freaking movie, guys.
  • Feminism is not always going sans fards to make a point. In case you haven’t noticed, Newsom is a goddess.
  • You can have it all. You can do it all. Feminism is about choice. Whether you choose to be a mom, an actress, a filmmaker, or all three- it’s your choice.

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