(A Few of) My Favorite Female Characters from Kids’/YA Novels

Women's Comedy

1. Violet Baudelaire – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Ladies, let’s welcome to the list a female inventor! Violet is the eldest of the pack of Baudelaires and also the brains behind many of their escape plans from the evil Count Olaf. She has a knack for inventing things. She always ties her hair up in a ribbon when she is immersed in a brainstorming session, because it allows her to think better. Among Violet’s inventions are the grappling hook that gets her up Count Olaf’s tower, a lock pick that enables her to open up Count Olaf’s suitcase, a signaling device, a climbing device made from ties, curtains, and old socks that frees her and her siblings from jail, a rubber band ladder to get out of the burning Heimlich Hospital, fork-assisted climbing shoes that help her and Quigley Quagmire get up the frozen waterfall of Mount Fraught, and…

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