Why We Need to Stop Making a Big Deal About “Strong, Independent Women”

Women's Comedy

Here’s the thing about strong, independent, intelligent women: they are nothing new. They have always been around. They lacked some institutional freedoms in the past, but feminism did not just suddenly spawn strong-willed and opinionated women. They have always existed. They did not always have the public platforms to speak, several career options, or the right to vote. But that doesn’t mean that all women back then were a bunch of weak airheads. Having opinions, an independent spirit, and self-assurance are character traits that have existed since the dawn of time.

Characters like Cinderella and Snow White were created by men, and depict THEIR views of women. But when given half the chance, women pursued their own interests and goals. Jane Austen wrote novels. Nikola Tesla’s mother worked on making her own craft tools and mechanical appliances, and he actually credits her influence in becoming an inventor. Rosa Parks straight…

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