Funny Girls finish last.

Becky Tanner-Rolf


All dressed up with a cocktail in my hand, I feel like Julia Robert’s in Pretty Woman, without the shady career choices and awful taste in men. A guy sidles up to me at the bar. He’s cute enough and let’s be honest I’m one more drink away from re-enacting the opening scene of Bridget Jones when I get home. The dreaded question approaches.

“So what are you studying?”

A simple enough question. However my answer is far from the norm. I wish I could say I’m training to be a nurse or politics so I can play the intellectual card. Instead I’m studying Comedy.

“You’re a comedienne? But you’re pretty, and not a lesbian.”

“Oh no, I used to be really fat.” My retort, although not completely untrue is practised. This isn’t’t the first time someone has been shocked by my ability to make them laugh without drawing back…

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