Sex and Feminism in College

Diary of a Confused College Student

So, as is popular at many mainstream universities, our school has a confessions page on which people post some of their weirdest secrets, most illicit conquests and random things they anonymously want the world to know. Many people use it as a forum to give shout outs to girls that can “get it any day of the week” or guys in their classes who they  “wish would talk to me!”. Over time however, I’ve noticed a slightly disturbing trend in some of the postings that have gone up. In almost every batch of new confessions there’s a post about how the girls here “are so horny all they want to do is get black out and hook up on the weekends”. On the opposing side, there are almost always posts from disgruntled females complaining about how all the guys are assholes and aren’t looking for a real commitment. It has…

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