Economics and Femininity

All Things Brunch and Beautiful

It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged. A few things like the degree and a host of other responsibilities have meant my days have little room for writing just like this. But, I’m trying…


Recently I found myself back at home with the family, accompanying my younger sister on her tour of sixth forms. She’s currently choosing her A-Levels, a task I faintly remember did happen at some point some long time ago. Needless to say there’s nearly a 7 year age gap between us.

I had the joy of returning to those battered corridors with the smell of not-very-clean-sports-equipment and the classrooms papered with the drawings of insects by 12 year olds. In some ways it was rather nostalgic.

And yet, it was also rather frustrating. As we toured the stalls, speaking to staff and discussing subject options, I began to get a little jealous. Do I…

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