Princesses, Divas, and Gender Essentialism in Races for Women

A life in Books and Miles

I recently came across an article on Facebook discussing a race for women in Florida, the Divas Half Marathon and 5K. In an article for the Cultist blog at the Miami New Times, B. Caplan highlights the problematic prize package given to winners of age group awards in the race. Caplan writes:

There are 14 different age groups for competition. (Pity the race official who dares ask a diva her age!) First place in each group will win Botox. Second gets laser hair removal. Third place gets laser teeth whitening…While the youngest age group, 14 and under, is not eligible for any of the cosmetic procedures, the next age group up — children between 15 and 19 — are able to win the teeth whitening and laser hair removal.

This part stopped me short. Cosmetic procedures as race prizes? Who thought that was a good idea?

Obviously, the…

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