Images are Inescapable

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We often hear about the dangers of being inundated with images every second of the day, but what if we used it to our advantage?

I am a creature of habit. The only way I learn is through intense repetition. That’s why I surround myself with images that remind me of my strength, my goals and my values.

I started doing this in high school. In part, it was because I knew that negativity breeds negativity and the converse as well- so I knew that if saw positive images in my own space, it would have a positive effect on me. As well this was inspired by one of my favorite books, Hidden Messages in Water, by Masaro Emoto. Emoto conducted experiments on snowflakes- exposing them to positive and negative words and tones to see if they were affected. He found that even concentrated thoughts, or the content of the water could affect the formation of the snowflake. Here is a rather famous example of his work:

My goldfish, Swiggle, who lived for nine years in a tank with positive words scrawled all over it could be an example of Emoto’s work or just my mad-pet-tending skills- but I believe there is a greater truth in this.

Not The Secret, not any new agey ask and you shall receive crap- this is straight neuroscience. Our brains like patterns and they will perpetuate the patterns you have set- positive or negative.

My room is my fishbowl and I have covered it in things that inspire me and breathe life into my space.

They remind me that I have talent when I forget

They remind me of the most beautiful moments of my life

And they remind me to keep going and keep being myself

With only a glance, these pictures remind me who I am and who I want to be. This may sound corny to some, but as someone who loves and lives for words, the power of pictures always catches me off guard.

One thought on “Images are Inescapable

  1. Love it and soooooooooooooo true! I really try and keep my surroundings as positive as posible to keep reaping the benefits of positivity breeding more positivity 😀

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