Lily Allen’ video “Hard Out Here” is NOT empowering


So yesterday I did something I’ve never had the pleasure of doing before. I got into a “Twitter war” with a celebrity, over Lily Allen’s new video “Hard Out Here”. Admittedly, it was with Jameela Jamil from T4, and not Lily Allen herself (thankfully, because Lily would have probably shut my ass down) and it resulted in me gaining 2 random new followers (I’m going up in the Twitter-sphere – hint the sarcasm)

(this is just part of it, can’t fit it all in a screen shot)

Anyway, what was the point I was trying to make? If you haven’t seen Lily’s video yet, here have a look for yourself:

After tweeting me a number of times Jameela then wrote a blog post which recieved lots of praise from celebrities on Twitter and resulted in her trending on Twitter. I like Jameela and I’m sure she’s a lovely girl…

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