My favorite and least favorite of my work

First, my favorites:

The landscape is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. It didn’t require any sort of expertise because that view would look beautiful captured on a Kodak. BUT- the tone of the grayscale is really perfect and I think my composition is pretty good although it might have looked better centered over the columns. I did have to wait for the perfect moment to not get tourists doing stupid tourist things.

The little cherub took a LOT of editing. Because he’s marble, the contrast was really hard to capture on my iPhone. But I think I did a good job of balancing the shadows and highlights. I also blurred the edges to add focus, which I think looks pretty well done. I worry about using effects in my pictures because it can look so cheap sometimes, but I think it worked here. I also put a lot of thought into the angle and I think that I found the best one for this photo.

The woman is also one of my favorite photos I’e ever taken. Again, there were marble-contrast issue, but I think I balanced the light well. I really hate the frame in the background, but I was weary of over-blurring. The composition feels a little off to my because there are more lines in the upper portion than the bottom, but I think overall it’s a good pic.

My least favorite:

Ok so first, the marble girl against the stained glass- this picture frustrated me SO much. I was trying so hard to get an angle where she was profiled against the stained glass, but it’s a little off. I originally had it in color, but the marble against the colored glass looked awful for some reason. I couldn’t configure the saturation in such a way that it wasn’t really stupid looking.

Oh, the man drawing the statuette. I nearly cried when I went back and saw how blurry this photo is. It was such a perfect photo opportunity and I had the perfect angle that showed the drawing, him and the statuette. Also the colors were perfect because we were in a white room, marble statue and dude in a white/black shirt. UGH. so much wasted opportunity here. Sharpening just made it worse, trust me.

And finally, over-exposed Jesus. This wasn’t a great photo in the first place, but then I wrecked it with too much filtering. He had a lot of good lines, shadows and contrast and could have been an ok shot, but now it just looks super amateur. This photo actually embarrasses me- it’s so “I know how to use instagram filters, look I’m a photographer”



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