Where are the feminist teen mags?

Hannah Rose Ewens

Commission – Feminist Times.




The Vagenda has dissected UK magazines Grazia and Cosmopolitan with sharp wit every month. Elle and others have begun to evolve their content and tone. And Feminist Times has, of course, launched online.

You’d have to have been walking around blindfolded for the past two years to not see the welcome shift taking place in the content of women’s magazines.

But what is completely bizarre about this shift is how it has left the teen magazine uncriticised and unscathed.

Just glancing at this month’s newsstand gives a taste of what is on offer. Cover lines included: “Clothes that make your body look amazing!”, “Boyband Bantz”, “OMG! Why Justin Loves You”. Shout magazine was giving away nail varnish and emery boards. Bliss even had a pair of false eyelashes tacked to the front as a gift.

These are the magazines that I turned away…

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