The Miley Conundrum




How do you solve a problem like Miley?

On one hand she represents sexual freedom and expression, free from the constraints of social ideologies about “feminine sexuality”  breaking free of archetypal purity.
On the other she can represent a media production of sexual objectivity- Does Miley flaunt her flesh and shake her arse in order to gain popularity, prestige and power? Or just good old

 And ultimately does the answer lie in Miley’s own genuine intentions?
whilst she is clearly a sexual person, if she displays it in order to make money does that make her a product of objectivity?
Sex sells, we all know that, it is the justification for the pornographic imagery used daily to sell products, but whilst sex sells Im not entirely convinced Mileys target audience is 20 something year old males who want to twerk or even watch…

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