Men and women possess qualities that are both, masculine and feminine.
When you balance the feminine and masculine aspects within yourself, regardless if you are male or female, you get to experience your whole and complete human being that is strong, wise, loving and creative and, at the same time, nurturing and gentle.
It is our nature to embody both masculine and feminine qualities even though in our past history and culture, we have witnessed an over-emphasis on the masculine energies which have dominated and brought us off-balance.
Some believe that today we are more in need of embracing the feminine aspects within us all, such as being nurturing and receptive, which, in the past, have been perceived as weak. The masculine qualities have overtaken in our culture evidenced by our state of chronic stress.
We are in need of re-balancing as a whole, for the continued growth and existence of our population.
Let us take a closer look and notice how we may start to bring more balance to our world, one person at a time.
When we take the time to embrace the whole person that we are and balance between our feminine and masculine aspects, we each bring more balance to our collective consciousness, planet and universe.

– Rebelle Society


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