I’m sad to report that this week’s The Worst Thing I Read This Week comes from my actual facebook timeline.


I’m sort of stunned. A year ago I might have scrolled past it- not offended, just uninterested. But it’s really kind of sick, isn’t? I mean let’s analyze this from top to bottom.

“Do you look gross and ugly because it’s finals week?”

Read: Do you look like you’re tired, or stressed? Do you look more human than the enhanced appearance you normally create? Maybe you’re not wearing makeup because you wanted to squeeze in ten more minutes of review for your 8 AM final. Maybe you’re dressed more comfortably than normal because you’re stressed and it makes you a little more relaxed. Do you look gross and ugly because you chose your intelligence or your well-being over your appearance? Do you look gross and ugly because you’re not good enough the way you are?

Well guess what, if you do look gross and ugly- here’s a link that will make you good enough for everyone else. Here are things you can spend your money on instead of skydiving or taking someone you love out to a nice dinner. Buy them and you will be beautiful. Buy them and you will have value.

And is there anything worse than someone telling you that you look tired? The eight-year-old neighbor kid has cancer, your cat just died, but god forbid someone see you without preparing yourself for our sight.

Because if you do not prepare yourself for our sight, you are lazy and gross and ugly.

That’s what that image says. I know there are people out there, especially men, who think feminism is whiny and harsh and bitchy, but until you’ve lived in a world that conspires to tell you you are not good enough- you don’t get to judge women for being upset. I know there are image issues out there for men, but it is absolutely not on the scale that women endure. It simply is not comparable.

We should be appalled that stuff like this gets written- especially by women. That is terrifying! This stuff is not harmless- its exposure is constant and removing oneself from it is impossible.

Stop acting like is okay. It isn’t. And it isn’t bitchy to be mad that I can’t leave my room with the exact same amount of primping as my male neighbors without being socially and romantically written off. Be aware of what you’re looking at- just like friends who can’t accept you aren’t good friends, stuff that makes you feel unworthy is not good stuff to read. You deserve the self-respect required to know you are not disgusting and makeup doesn’t make you a valued human being.

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