I Have The Privilege Of Being Feminist

Thought Catalog

My mom did everything for her children. She got divorced to show us that we should escape unhealthy relationships, she used her free time to work harder, she went back to school when she could afford it, and she didn’t eat except for the scraps we left over. Despite all this, despite her sometimes homeless, always poor upbringing, she was somehow privileged enough to teach me that women are powerful people who can do anything. She used energy she shouldn’t have had to praise me for my abilities rather than my looks, to teach me that I should take care of my needs as an individual, and to emphasize that I could never depend on anyone, much less a spouse, to give meaning to my life.

But it was easy to forget what she taught me. When my first kiss wanted my small-nosed, freckled friend instead, when I first watched…

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