Suits versus pantsuits and why we call her Hillary

Speculations and Stargazing

It is simultaneously interesting (because I find most terrible things interesting in some way) and distressing to note the fundamental power difference between men’s suits and women’s pant suits. Take a moment to think about it. What adjectives or images come to mind when you think of each? Men’s suits give off feelings of power, wealth, classiness, status, neatness, competence, and did I mention power?

Now think of women’s pantsuits. They give off wealth, to a degree, but not necessarily, and it doesn’t wear as well. They give off sex appeal. Look at the tapered waist and the jacket which is always too short to cover your ass. The accentuated neckline. Even in so-called professional wear, where this should be completely irrelevant (I mean, flaunt it or not, but it shouldn’t matter), women are associated with sex.

What else do you think of? If you’re me, you think of…

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