Is Beyoncé a “Bottom Bitch” Feminist?

Paula vs Patriarchy

Queen Bey. Mrs. Carter. The love of my life. Are you, or are you not a feminist?

In the past many critics have doubted the performer’s identification. From decrying her choice of costumes/clothing to her concert titles, critics have declared Beyoncé ‘not feminist enough’.

Real Colored Girls yesterday wrote for Huffington Post that Beyoncé is not a feminist, but rather a “bottom bitch” feminist. A ‘bottom bitch’ is someone within a hierarchy of sex trade workers “who rides hardest for her man. She is the rock of every hustler economy and her primary occupation is keeping other ho’s in check and gettin’ that money.” This woman portrays a false control; an allotted symbolic power used to advance the position of the privileged while conforming to her own commodification.

The authors argued that Beyoncé promotes a “simplistic, pro-capitalist, structurally violent sampling of feminism”, because her version of feminism is constrained…

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