On Sexualisation: Why Its Not The Enemy and the Real Causes of Sexism in Our Society

The Uncanny Randall

So I knew I was gonna write something around this topic eventually, and when I saw this video of Pitbull’s new song Timber featuring Ke$ha I felt inspired to share my opinion on the sexualisation of women in modern pop culture (specifically music videos).

Let me first state that I detest Pitbull and I love Ke$ha, just so any personal bias is out of the way. Now the song itself isn’t anything special, just a standard pop tune, with Ke$ha telling everyone to dance and party, and Pitbull typically describing how he’ll have all the women “face down, booty up” and bragging that he can pay for all the drinks. The video features Ke$ha and a group of dancers in a bar dressed as typical ‘shot girls’ dancing and serving drinks. There’s nothing too outrageous here, the girls are dancing in a way that is actually pretty indicative of most…

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