The F-word

Conflicted Skinny Bitch

Feminism, the illusive F-word. Feminism has become a very dirty word over the years and frankly this confuses me. Feminism used to be so proudly stated and so strongly fought for. Now, many young women scrunch up their noses at feminism and ask, “why on earth would you be a feminist?” Feminism has lost its association with equality rather, is associated with man hating. I find this to be so convenient for patriarchy. I am a feminist and proudly wave my feminist flag. My partner (who is a man) is a feminist and he proudly waves his feminist flag, because feminism isn’t just about women supporting equality, it is also about men supporting equality.

Feminism by definition is:

“Advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.”

So basically a feminist is an advocate for equality. Feminism has given women the right to choose an…

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