College has forced me to take a hard look at the way I’m treated as a woman and opened my eyes to institutional prejudices I had never even noticed because they are so pervasive. This is a blog about me trying to develop my own definition of womanhood, femininity, and feminism.

I used to think most feminists were ‘harpy bitches’ etc. because that really is the prevailing image of the movement. I used to think I was too cool for feminism. 

This is not a ball-busting mission- I have a younger sister. In 2024, she will be my age and I do not want her to be objectified, sexualized and discounted the way I have been.  I do not want her becoming a woman in a world where it is acceptable for girls like me, not even old enough to rent a car, to be treated with so much disrespect. I aim to drown myself, and my readers, in articles and links that uncover modern gender inequality, highlight women progressing the cause and share my on thoughts and stories. 

3 thoughts on “About

  1. It sounds like we are from two different planets but I hope you are open minded and take my sage advice. Run away from radical feminism as fast as you can. Read my post- Radical feminisms true legacy, being single, sidelined and 60 sucks! Thanks for following my blog and God bless your journey.

    • Unfortunately, I think it’s pretty apparent we’re from the same planet. I’m not a radical feminist, nor do I promote radical feminism. I don’t even know what you mean by radical feminism actually, because I think our definitions are probably pretty different. I believe in equality and if that gets me sidelined and single at 60 I am very ok with that. Following your blog was actually an accident- thanks for the advice, but we are on two very different journeys.

      • Radical feminism is best avoided as it generally goes with trans-hatred (except for Twisty Faster, who is a brilliant exception). Yes, but the above comment seems to be saying the only alternative to radfem is antifeminism. Feminism is not responsible for you being “sidelined” cqduane.

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